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MBUF Center Stage at NCSL Conference

On October 25-27 the National Conference of State Legislatures held its State Transportation Leaders Symposium in Denver, Colorado. Thirty two state legislators from leadership or who serve on transportation committees gathered to discuss some of the key transportation challenges facing states. The symposium focused on:

  • Innovations to reduce impaired driving;
  • Best practices to fund, finance and plan an efficient state transportation system;
  • The approaching autonomous vehicles revolution.

On transportation funding, MBUFs were front and center. MBUFA's Vice President for Outreach Adrian Moore spoke about what the various pilot projects around the country are trying to accomplish and what approaches they are taking. California Transportation Commissioner Jim Madaffer gave a overview of their RUC pilot project. And Senator Wayne Harper from Utah and Representative Jake Fey from Washington talked about their states' approach to road using charges. Many legislators expressed the expectation that their states would be starting pilot projects in the next few years and had many questions about to go about it. They were pointed to MBUFA for help in their efforts.

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