Formed in 2010, the Mileage-Based User Fee Alliance (MBUFA) is a national non-profit organization that brings together government, business, academic, and transportation policy leaders to conduct education and outreach on the potential for mileage-based user fees as an alternative for future funding and improved performance of the U.S. transportation system. The sustainability of the current transportation funding system is in doubt. As a research and educational organization, MBUFA's primary goals are to:

  • Create a constructive learning environment and policy space for collaboration and networking among individuals and groups interested in mileage-based user fees
  • Coordinate efforts to build awareness of mileage-based user fee programs in the US and around the world
  • Promote research to test the feasibility of mileage-based user fee programs
  • Engage community and political leaders around common priorities for transportation funding

MBUFA accomplishes it goals by formulating and implementing an effective education and advocacy plan by:

  • Developing an annual plan to identify policy objectives
  • Communicating through regular action alerts and emails to MBUFA members and other stakeholders on progress related to identified policy priorities
  • Educating key federal policy-makers and the community at large on the importance of a sustainable funding mechanism for surface transportation through regular meetings and outreach by MBUFA members