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Quarterly Meeting on March 1 Highlights State Legislation and Research on MBUF

Various aspects of MBUF were the focus of the March 1 Quarterly Meeting in Washington, D.C.

With a packed schedule for the day, administrative reports were scaled back to provide more time for other new updates on various issues to the Membership. A report by
Burt Tasaico, Director, Office of Strategic Initiative and Program Support, North Carolina DOT, reported on the legislative hearing held in that state on the issue on February 5. Reports were also given by
Adrian Moore, Vice President MBUFA, on other states where he has provided testimony on MBUF recently, also.

Updates on the National Conference Planning and the New Zealand Educational Tour were given by Vice Chair
Norma Ortega. Following this information, a proposed research study from TRB was provided by
Tom Menzies, Acting Director Studies and Special Program Division. In addition,
Adrian Moore provided information on his proposal to NCHRP on the issue.

Following these reports, the group left to hear D.J. Gribbin, Special Assistant to the President, speak at the Road Gang luncheon on President Trumps' infrastructure bill.

Two Capitol Hill meetings with the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee staff and the
House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee staff highlighted the need for more information on the Section 6020 pilots.

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