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MBUF Pilots Brief Congress on Progress

On January 25, Congressional staffers from the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee were briefed on the status of the various pilots from the Section 6020 Grants.  Reema Griffith, Executive Director, Washington State Transportation Commission briefed the staff in person for both the House and Senate meetings and Trish Hendren, Executive Director of the I-95 Corridor Coalition was able to join the group in person for the Senate briefing.  All of the other speakers briefed those attending on a conference call.


Briefing the staff were:

  • Reema Griffith, Washington
  • Carrie Pourvahidi, California
  • Lee Munnich, Minnesota
  • Reema Griffith, Washington
  • Carrie Pourvahidi, California
  • Lee Munnich, Minnesota
  • Debra Perkins Smith, Colorado and RUC West
  • Michael DeMers, Missouri
  • Trish Hendren, I-95 Corridor Coalition
  • Maureen Bock, Oregon

Both meetings raised a number of questions about the variety of pilots and the needs for the future.  As both Committees look to consider these pilots in any future authorization legislation, questions centered around being able to access the information needed with the current legislative statute.  In addition, questions also pointed toward future pilot proposals and areas of interest by the Committee in future pilots that are being considered.

After both meetings, several staff asked MBUFA if these briefings could be held on a regular basis to keep key staff current on the various proposals being considered around the nation.

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