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MBUFA Fourth Annual National Conference

On March 16, MBUFA held it's Fourth Annual National Conference. The conference featured lively discussion on a wide range of topics surrounding the current state of mileage-based user fees.

To see a full agenda and photos from the conference, please visit our blog here.


As gas taxes dwindle, policymakers in the U.S. have had to divert billions of dollars from the general fund and other non-transportation funds to pay for infrastructure. This is increasing pressure on transportation policymakers to search for new, viable road financing mechanisms. Currently, a number of states are conducting or planning mileage-based user fee pilot projects.

The Mileage-Based User Fee Alliance holds workshops throughout the year to educate and inform thought leaders on using mileage-based user fees as a viable financial basis for funding transportation infrastructure.

To learn more or request a workshop in your state, contact us.