2020 National MBUFA Conference Postponed

Recently, the MBUFA Board of Directors voted to postpone the scheduled June 11 National Conference given the serious situation facing the nation and the world with the COVID-19 virus. After much discussion, we agreed too many factors still are unanswered for us to be certain the virus will be sufficiently contained by June 11 to proceed safely with this event. We are still hopeful to hold this conference in the Fall of 2020 but will wait until later in the year to make that decision.

I want to assure all of you that we will make every effort, if the situation has greatly improved in several months, to hold this conference later in the year. We so appreciate all of the assistance and support we have already received from MBUFA Members, policy makers, and other organizations to move forward with the conference in terms of sponsorship, speakers, and panel ideas. We are most appreciative of these efforts.

MBUFA continues to monitor all events regarding this issue and work with our Members to continue to guide and improve many of the legislative efforts being considered at this time.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you later this year.

Jack Basso

Transportation infrastructure in the United States is funded primarily by the excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. The gas tax at the Federal level is not indexed to inflation and due to increases in fuel efficiency, revenues generated have declined significantly.

A mileage based user fee (MBUF) or vehicle miles traveled (VMT) fee is a user charge based on miles driven in a specific vehicle as opposed to the current excise tax on fuel consumed. 

There are many potential technologies for operating a mileage-based system and it is possible that offering options may be most effective for implementation. 

In the United States, states are taking a lead in helping to resolve many of the implementation questions by working with academia, industry partners and each other to devise mileage-based user fee pilot projects around the country. 

There are many misconceptions about privacy, fairness, double taxation, anti-fuel efficiency and interoperability.

What are some frequently asked questions about MBUF?